Free Domain Name and Cheap Web Hosting Review

Free domain names and cheap web hosting packages are everywhere! In fact, there are thousands of companies that offer free domain names and cheap web hosting packages. Luckily for you, I have spent hours and hours carefully reviewing the “best of the best” free domain names and cheap web hosting packages.

Free domain names are the easy part for a person or business that wants to launch a website; you either get one or you don’t. (We’ll focus on the web hosting providers that do offer free domain names.) Cheap website hosting is the real challenge though. Yes, cheap web hosting is cost-effective and preferred, but you should select your web hosting company based on cost and the kind of hosting services you require.

For example, “shared hosting” is generally the cheapest web hosting package available because your website will share hosting space on a server with other websites. Because of the low monthly cost, shared web hosting is ideal for personal websites, and small businesses. “Dedicated hosting” is more expensive, but only your website will reside on one particular website hosting server, which is usually only necessary for hosting websites with extremely large numbers of visitors or unusual hosting support requirements, such as video or MP3 based websites. Hosting servers are also differentiated by the type of programming languages available. Does your website require PHP hosting or MySQL hosting? If so, you will have to pay close attention when selecting your website hosting package. If you’re shopping for website hosting for your business, make sure to ask your web developer which programming language your site requires.

You should also pay attention to the amount of web space and transfer allowed. Web space is just like the hard drive on a computer; there is a limit to the number of files you can save. Transfer, also known as bandwidth, is the amount of information downloaded when someone visits your website. This is critical if your website gains a significant number of visitors or includes large audio or video files. Web hosting providers will jack up the fees if your site goes over the allowed web space or monthly transfer limits, similar to the charges for using extra minutes on a cell phone.

A couple of assumptions before we get to the top three cheap web hosting companies: I’m going to assume that you’re looking for the absolute cheapest web hosting available, based on cost, and that you’re O.K. with a “shared hosting” plan. With that in mind, let’s move on to the top three free domain name and cheap web hosting packages.

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