7 Useful Tips for Saving Money on Domain Name and Hosting Services

Money saved is money earned. It is a very important skill in life to save money wherever you can. In this article, let us find out how you can save money while purchasing a domain and hosting.

  1. Buy It During the Sale Season

There are a few sale seasons where you can get high discounts on domain and hosting services. The best sale season of the year comes at the end of the year, which is the Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale in November. You can wait till Black Friday sales to get good deals on hosting, hosting renewal, domain and domain transfer.

You can plan in advance what all things you want to buy and make those purchases during the sale season.

  1. Free Domain Name From Hosting Provider

Most of the time, you are offered a free domain along with the hosting plan by the hosting provider such as Hostgator. In this way, you don’t have to spend extra money from your pocket to buy the domain.

  1. Domain Transfer

You can also save your money at the time of domain renewal. You don’t need to pay a high renewal cost for the domain. Simply transfer the domain to another domain registrar at a very low rate. In this way, you can save more than 70% of domain renewal charges by transferring the domain. You can find domain transfer offers online from time to time.

  1. Buy It for Long-Term

Many people make the mistake of purchasing the domain for only 1 year. Then next year, they will need to pay heavy renewal charges. Some domain providers will charge more than 70% of renewal fees than the first year.

It is always better to buy the domain for a long term such as 3 years or 5 years. With this, you can avoid high renewal costs. In some cases, you may also get an additional discount on long-term purchases.

You can do this for domains for which you have a long-term vision and  you plan to continue for long.

  1. Migrate to a New Host

You can shortlist 2 or 3 good hosting providers and keep changing the hosting every year. You will get a good deal with the new hosting provider and avoid paying higher renewal costs for hosting.

  1. Ask For a Discount

One thing that you can try is to ask for a discount or deal from the domain or hosting company. If you can communicate or convince well, then you might get a good deal or discount. No company will want to lose their customers to their competitor. You can tell them that you are going to buy a domain or hosting service from another company right now. The company may try to hold you by offering you as much discount as possible.

  1. Use Coupon Code

Many hosting or domain companies offer a discount to their customers through discount codes. You can simply do a Google search to find those codes. You may come across lots of coupon codes, which may have expired or are invalid,. You just need one working coupon code for the discount. You can find these coupon codes on many coupon websites. This process can help you to save up to 30%.

Hope these tips and tricks will help you save some money while purchasing a domain and hosting.

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